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Building Hotels one room at a Time.

About Us

Subhome Management is a Hospitality company targeted to maximize the return of investments of our members while maintaining the high quality of our commitment and service of providing accommodation to our customers. Our goals are to increase rentals and Increase property value for landlords while at the same time, provide a great value alternative to tourists and business travelers

Our Properties

 Damen Suites (Sunway)

Nexis Suites (Kota Damansara)

Sereno Airport Suites (ChiangMai Thailand)

Sereno Nimman (ChiangMai Thailand)

The Problem That Every Landlord Face

We are now entering a market that landlords are competing with each other in terms of pricing while the tenants are happily waiting to see how low the prices can go. This is a serious problem which 71% of local landlords face EVERY DAY! If you're one of the 71%, we feel you. We understand your pain. That is why we've come up with the best solution that fits your needs!

The Best Time For A Change!

This is what we are proposing to you. In Malaysia, 26.8 million tourists came in 2016 alone! So instead of fighting with others in the saturated market, come join us and we will help you change your target from the regular tenants to the massive market of tourists! That means you can start profiting the Airbnb style!

  In each of our strategically located residences, we have an 85% occupancy rate throughout the year. Which means if you join us, you do not have to worry about searching for customers ever again!

Interested in hearing more of our business model? Leave your contact below and we'll schedule a time to meet up!

Property Owner Testimonials

I am getting 11% ROI on my investment. 

– Kumar, Engineer

I only Invest in properties that are managed by Subhome Team, High rentals with no hassles. 

– Azman, Business owner

Professional management team that takes great care of my property for me!

 – Janice, Manager

Overall Perfect! Excellent! Everything is provided and it's very clean! Very good location where nearby town area. The important thing is their service is super duper nice! I will visit again when I travel! Thanks for everything!

Keng Lin Tan

Guests Reviews

Amazing clean room of 5 star hotel services at such strategic location within walking distance to the famous legendary PETRONAS Twin Towers! Feels like home with its cozy interior.

Low Wan Ching

Awesome ! Safe place to spend for a family weekend getaway in JB or for business travellers.

Ang Beng Tat

The Team Behind It All

The Team is lead by Sandeep & Aravind to where it is today, along the way we have managed to attract a lot of diverse and talented individuals that make up the amazing team we have today.

The Advisor

Michael Tan is well known as Asia’s No1 Property Coach and is the Founder of FREEMEN EDUCATION GROUP that is in Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong & Singapore. He sits on the Board of SUBHOME as the a director and Advisor to the growth and direction of the company. He has been instrumental to the development and growth of the company.

Awards & Features

The company and our Founders have been featured in many publications and also received awards for their efforts.


Get In Touch With Us

Address: B-12-4, Menara Pantai, Bangsar Trade Centre, 59200, KL, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-8213 6279 / +60 17-296 4528 

Email: ContactUs@Subhome.My 

Business Hours: 10am- 6pm

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